How to distinguish the quality of pcb circuit board is good or bad?

- Jan 11, 2019-

With the improvement and innovation of the electronics manufacturing industry, many electronic products require more and more precision and miniaturization. Therefore, to make small and good products, quality must first pass. So how do we distinguish the quality of printed circuit board?

Faced with various PCB board types on the market, the quality of PCB boards can be determined in two ways:

4 layer pcb

First: distinguish the appearance of the board

In normal light conditions, the appearance of the PCB board can be analyzed and judged in three aspects.

1. The solder joint of the board is beautiful, and there is flux residue on the pad.

2. Standard rules for the size and thickness of the board, check whether the size of the board is the same as the standard, and measure the index according to the specifications of the product.

3. The color of the board. The external board has ink coverage and the board can be insulated. If the board color is not bright, there is less ink and the insulation board itself is not good.

The second point: distinguish the appearance of welding

The BGA on the complex and small circuit board is dense, and because the number of components on the circuit board is large, it is checked whether the components are loose or falling off.

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