What are the PCB assembly technics’ materials?

- Jul 29, 2019-

The pcb assembly technics materials mainly include solder, adhesive, solder mask, flux, cleaning agent etc.


Solder: refers to brazing materials, including solder paste, rod electrode, solder wire, solder sheet, solder ball.

Adhesive: mainly refers to the adhesive glue, which is used to temporarily fix the chip components to prevent the components from falling into the solder pot during wave soldering.

Solder mask: It is mainly used for coating gold fingers and through-hole pads of post-components during wave soldering of water-soluble flux, so as to prevent solder from being tin-attached or post-components though hole was blocked by solder.


Flux: used for wave soldering and manual soldering, assisting heat conduction and deoxidation in the low temperature stage;reducing surface tension, deoxidizing and preventing high temperature reoxidation in the high temperature stage.


Cleaning agent: used to clean the residue generated during the welding process and the dirt, grease and other dirt during the production process.



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