Pcb assembly equipment nozzle function

- Aug 09, 2019-

With the miniaturization of electronic components, chip components of 0.4mm × 0.2mm have appeared, and the nozzles are in contact with the components at high speed, and the wear is very serious, so the material and structure of the nozzles also attract more attention of people.


Nozzle. The mounting tool that actually picks up and places the patch head is the Nozzle, which is the heart of the patch head. It must reach a certain vacuum degree to determine whether the picked up component is normal when the nozzle is sucking, . When the component is sideways or the component fails to be sucked up, the placement machine will issue an alarm signal.


The moment the patch head nozzle picks up the component and places it on the PCB board is usually placed in two ways. One is based on the height of the component, that is, the thickness of the component is input in advance. When the nozzle is lowered to this height, the vacuum is released and the component is placed on the welding pad. Due to the error thickness of the component. , which sometimes may cause component displacement premature or too late or flying film defects if severely, another more advanced method is that the nozzle will react according to the moment when the component contacts the PCB. The soft landing of the placement under the action of the pressure sensor, also known as the soft landing of the Z-axis, makes the patch easy, and is less prone to displacement and flying blade defects.



The early nozzles were made of alloy materials and then changed to carbon fiber wear-resistant plastic materials. The more advanced nozzles were made of ceramic materials and diamonds to make the nozzles more durable. The structure of the nozzle has also been improved, especially in the patch of 0402, 0603 components, in order to ensure the reliability of suction, two holes are opened in the nozzle to ensure the balance when sucking. In addition, it is also considered that not only the size of the component itself is smaller, but also the gap with the surrounding components is also smaller, so that not only the component can be sucked but also the peripheral component is not affected, so that the improved nozzle is even between the components the gap is 0.15 mm and can be easily placed.


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