Packaging methods of SMT surface assembly components

- Apr 04, 2019-

The packaging methods of surface assembly components has become an important link in SMT system. It affects the efficiency of assembly and production directly, and must be optimized in combination with the type and quantity of SMT feeder.There are four main types of packaging for surface-assembled components: braided, tubular, pallet and bulk, it is recommended to choose the form of express braid packaging in mass production;Low production or prototype production, pipe installation is recommended;Bulk is rarely used as the bulk must be picked up one by one or repackaged with assembly equipment.FASTPCBA shares the following packaging methods:


1.Braid packaging

Braided packaging is the most widely used, the longest time, strong adaptability, high efficiency of a form of packaging, and has been standardized.All components except QFP, PLCC and LCCC are packaged in this way.Braid mainly used in braid package are paper, plastic bags and  adhesive tape these three types.Paper tape is mainly used for packaging chip-resistance, chip-capacitance;Plastic bags are used for packing various kinds of chi-components such as pin free components, composite components, abnormal-shaped components, SOT, SOP, small size QFP, etc.


2.Tube packing

Tube type packaging is mainly used to package rectangular chip-resistance, chip-capacitance, some abnormal shape and small components, mainly used for SMT components of large variety and small batch occasions.The components are overlapped in the same direction and then loaded into the plastic tube once when packaging,  (generally 100 ~ 200 pieces/tube). The two ends of the tube are inserted into the feeder of the SMT machine with a stop bolt. The cover of the mounting box is removed.Then,  each time the tube is pressed, a chip component is provided to the substrate according to the mounting procedure.


The cost of tubular packaging materials is high and the quantity of packaged components is limited.At the same time, if the mounting pressure of each tube is not balanced, the components are easy to get stuck in the narrow tube.However, for surface assembly IC, the cost of tube packaging is lower than pallet packaging, but the speed of mounting is not as fast as the braiding method.


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