Manual welding circuit board considerations

- Jan 21, 2019-


In the pcb assembly industry, electronic components are one of the most frequently contacted materials in the industry, and in the process of processing, often encounter replacement chip components. This work is usually done by hand soldering. The following are considerations for FASTPCBA technicians for hand soldered circuit boards.

First, before soldering the board's plug-in, prepare a temperature-controlled soldering iron with a grounding wire. The head of the soldering iron should have a head width equal to the metal end of the soldered component, which will make the solder joint more perfect. The temperature of the tip must reach 320 degrees Celsius. In addition, tin bars are one of the essential tools in hand soldering.


When soldering a circuit board PCBA, attention should be paid to the soldering stability. If it is slightly inadvertent, it may easily cause defects such as solder joints and bridging.

The amount of solder used should not be too large to flow to the bottom of the component to short the pad. For the same reason, only molten tin can be immersed in the metal end face of the component during the soldering process.

Although manual welding seems to be very simple, it is difficult to operate, and it is necessary to replace the welding in strict accordance with the relevant requirements. Of course, the repair of the circuit board is the same.

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