Normal SMD mounting process of FPC

- Apr 01, 2019-

In the process of assembly PCB, it require to assemble SMD on FPC in the development of electronic miniaturization,rather parts of consumer products mount SMD on FPC in order to complete assembly of whole machine,due to assembly spacing limits.It’s a technology trend to mount SMD on FPC.Below are some surface mounting craft requirement and points need to pay attention shared by FASTPCBA technical staff.

FPC normal SMD mounting

Feature:less high mounting precision,less quantity of components,the main components are resistance and capacitance or individual abnormal components.below is normal SMD mounting process of FPC

1.Solder paste printing:FPC is positioned on the professional printing supporting plate by external shape,often use small semi-auto printing or manual machine,but the latter has worse quality than former.

2.Mounting:usually use manual mounting,can use manual assembly machine to mount for individual high precise position components.

3.Soldering:often soldering via reflow craft,spot welding can be used too for special circumstance.


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