What are the printing features of multilayer boards?

- Jul 31, 2016-

Introduction to multilayer boards

The double panel is the middle layer of media, and both sides are trace layers. The multi-layer board is a multi-layer wiring layer, and between each two layers is a dielectric layer, and the dielectric layer can be made very thin. The multilayer circuit board has at least three conductive layers, two of which are on the outer surface and the remaining one is synthesized in the insulating plate. The electrical connection between them is usually achieved by plated through holes in the cross section of the board.


What are the characteristics of our PCB multilayer manufacturing?

* Customers need to provide PCB board files and provide a list of components

* Process characteristics and material check of PCB construction before production

*Electronic circuit board for testing

* Fast 1-30 days delivery, anti-static package

* RoHS compliant, lead free

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