Method of PCBA component assembly

- Jan 21, 2019-

The last step of PCBA is to install and weld the parts.Both plug-in and patch parts are installed on the PCB using machine equipment.Plug - in parts are usually welded by wave soldering.In the first step, cut the pin close to the board and bend it slightly to make sure the parts are fixed.The second step is to place the PCB on the water wave of the cosolvent so that the bottom of the PCB is in good contact with the cosolvent, so that the oxide on the bottom of the PCB pin can be removed.After heating the PCB, this time the solder is moved to the melted solder and the solder is finished after contact with the bottom.

Automatic soldering SMT parts by reflow soldering.Firstly, solder paste is printed on PCB board. Solder paste contains paste welding material of solder and flux. After the patch parts are installed on PCB, it is processed once, and then processed again after PCB heating.After the PCB cools down, the welding is completed, and then the final test of the PCB is ready.


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