Method of designing antistatic discharge (ESD) for PCB

- Jan 18, 2019-

Static electricity from the human body, environment or even the inside of electronic devices can cause all kinds of damage to precise semiconductor chips, such as penetrating the thin insulation layer inside the components.Damaging the gate of MOSFET and CMOS components;Trigger lock in CMOS device;Short circuit reverse biased PN junction;Short circuit forward biased PN junction;Weld wire or aluminum wire inside a fusion active device.In order to eliminate the interference and damage of ESD to electronic equipment, various technical measures should be taken.

In the design of PCB board, anti-esd design of PCB can be realized through layering, proper layout and wiring and installation.In the design process, the vast majority of design modifications can be limited to incremental and subtractive components by prediction.By adjusting PCB layout and wiring, ESD can be well protected.

PCB board

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