The difference between medical pcb and ordinary pcb

- May 30, 2019-

The pace of social development is fast. People pay more and more attention to health, and the medical industry's equipment puts higher demands on the performance of pcb material. What are the technical requirements for medical reliability, high frequency, high speed, and high conductivity of pcb?

Medical Pcb boards have become one of the most complex and challenging in the industry. Many people in the industry say that medical pcb is a board like ordinary pcb. Is there anything different? The answer is yes.

Sum up: 

Have the following aspects

1) “Safe” and “Reliable”: It is the core issue of the PCB board in the medical industry. Life support class products or high-end products refer to IPC-3 level standards, non-life support classes or low-end products refer to IPC-2. Large medical terminals establish their own independent and standardized enterprise standards and strictly control the reliability of products. So this is very important.


2) Long service life: general product warranty time is over 5 years, large medical equipment requires at least 10 years, at the same time products usage lasts for a long time. The difference between medical pcb and ordinary pcb is still there.


3) Large levels of span: from consumer medical products that meet routine requirements, to mid- to high-end medical products that meet high reliability and high stability requirements, to small, portable products that meet high density and high integration, and intelligent, a versatile wearable medical product.


4) Product Conservative: The application of new medical technology and new products on the market is slower, and the verification test of new products is repeated, often requiring a comprehensive evaluation.


5) Traceability: The product requires strict process records and product traceability, and some large medical terminals require assurance traceability of 10 years of PCB processing records.


6) The craft processing and fire rating requirements of medical pcb boards are different. Ordinary pcb process is different when handling spray tin and cleaning plates. Under the premise of adopting craft measures and ensuring quality and safety, it can be used for repair with caution.


7) General medical pcb demand is small, craft requirements are many, HDI, back drilling, multiple presses, mixed pressure, high precision, special impedance, thick copper, thick gold, embedded copper block, and so on. The price focus will be very low, which is the difference from the ordinary pcb board.


Among all medical PCB boards, FR-4 is the most widely used. For medical PCB design, depending on the positioning of its own products and the control of raw material prices, there will be differences in the choice of FR-4 panels. For large hospital organizations, should choose a reliable pcb board.



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