Matters need attentions in PCBA safety production(2)

- Apr 02, 2019-

Form habit to operate safely.To prevent electric shock, the following safety practices should be obeyed in PCB printing manufacturing.


1)Please ensure to cut off power supply in any case of circuit and device maintenance,do not just disconnect the power switch on the device, but also unplug the power bucket head.

2)it’s prohibited to operate any electronic device with wetting hands

3)Judge if it’s charged when meet with uncertain electric wire.

4)Try to operate electrical equipment with one hand to prevent electricity from flowing through the body's vital organs.

5)Avoid working on electric operation in case of tiring or illness.

6)In case of larger capacitors, charge should be released before maintenance.

7)Safety testing should be carried out before touching any metal part of the circuit.In addition, to prevent mechanical damage and burns, the related safe operation habits are as follows:

1)When cutting small lead with wire cutter(such as removing soldered excessively long component leads),to make the leads fly out toward the work table or open space, rather than toward others or electrical equipment

2)When tightening the screw with the screwdriver, do not hold the other hand in the direction of the knife edge of the screwdriver.

3)Do not touch solder tip unless it’s sure to be divorced from power supply.

4) Do not disorderly jilt excessive soldering tin on solder tip

5)In order to avoid scald do not touch heating electronic components if power on(such as transformers, power devices, resistors, heat sinks, etc)

The above are reminders we should pay attention during PCB production operation.

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