PCB manufacturing’s concept Summary

- Jan 16, 2019-

PCB manufacturing is a new generation of electronic assembly connection technology developed in the 1970s by directly attaching and soldering surface-mount components to printed circuit boards. It is a group of technology-intensive, knowledge-intensive technology groups involving component packaging, printed circuit board technology, printing technology, automatic control technology, welding technology, inspection technology, cleaning technology, quality management, physics, chemicals, new materials, etc, which applied in a variety of professions and fields. PCB manufacturing applications industries are wide, including consumer appliances, automotive, medical, industrial control, communication modules, security monitoring electronics applications, etc.

flexible pcb

The development of these PCB manufacturing technologies, especially the miniaturization and multi-function of electronic components, which has greatly promoted the development of PCB manufacturing technology. Electronic engineers must help manufacturing companies understand the basic concepts, basic crafts, and basic requirements of PCB manufacturing in the manufacturing process of electronic products through a description of the PCB manufacturing and its basic equipment composition. The details of each craft affect the final quality of the electronic product. Therefore, strict adherence to quality management in each craft is important.

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