ISO 9000 series standards are applied in PCB production

- Mar 18, 2019-

ISO9000 standard Total quality management refers to all departments and all employees of PCB enterprises working together to comprehensively use management technology, professional technology and scientific methods to economically develop, develop, produce and sell products that satisfy customers.

Cognition of Total Quality Management Principles in pcb Printing Production

(1) Focus on customers and pursue the needs of customers, markets and society. Enterprises rely on customers to survive, understand the current needs of customers, and pay attention to the future needs of customers is the guarantee that the company is invincible. Satisfying customers is the basic guarantee, and surpassing customer expectations can satisfy customers, so that enterprises can have development potential.

pcb Printing Production

(2) People-oriented, pay attention to the training, participation and encouragement of personnel. The operation of the enterprise depends on the personnel at all levels and all personnel.

Full participation can make their talents bring the most benefits to the company.

(3) Clarify the quality policy and objectives, and continuously improve the quality. Continuous improvement, continuous improvement of overall business performance is the enterprise

A constant target of water. Members of the enterprise should aim for continuous improvement, but continuous improvement requires viable methods and means and should have clear objectives.

(4) Construction and operation of an effective management system. The output of a process often directly affects the input of the next process,

The identification and management of systems and interactions helps companies improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their goals.

(5) Implement the control of the entire process. Manage activities and related resources as processes to get more efficient expectations

the result of.

(6) Follow the working procedures of the PDCA cycle. PDCA (ie calculation, implementation, inspection, improvement) continues to cycle, products

Quality can be continuously improved.

(7) Apply effective techniques and methods based on facts. Effective decision-making is based on data and information, accurate,

Reliable and sufficient data and information are prerequisites for effective decision making.

(8) Carefully evaluate and control the quality cost and establish a mutually beneficial relationship with the supplier. Enterprises and suppliers are interdependent.

Adherence to the principle of mutual benefit is the basis for maintaining relationships, and mutual benefit can enhance the ability of both parties to create value.

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