The role of ISO9001 on circuit board manufacturers

- May 22, 2018-

On the development path of circuit board manufacturers, a good quality management system can help manufacturers to produce more standardized and good quality products, and the production of circuit boards can achieve customer satisfaction. ISO is an international standardization organization. Promote international cooperation and coordination. Quality management standards.

In the manufacture and production management of circuit boards, in order to improve the quality and quality of the manufacturer, the main processes of implementing the iso9000 series of standards through the ISO International Standards Organization must be required as follows:


1. Establish a written quality management system.

When planning and designing PCB products, it is necessary to document the people and time using these procedures and related resources to form a quality plan. To establish a documented quality management system, the following should be confirmed:

2. The operation of the quality management system.

Including document management and personnel training, training according to different positions, so that each employee is aware of the importance of quality management and how to achieve quality objectives.

For the one-stop factory of pcba circuit board, there are procurement links, and the components need to be managed. Different procurement components use different control methods, and suppliers should select, evaluate and control products according to procedures.

The production of the product meets the product specifications. Process planning, samples, packaging requirements, work instructions and other documents.

Some items related to the quality management system, such as maintenance and maintenance of production equipment, monitoring and management of production environment, etc.

The above is about the application of ISO 9000 series standards in SMT processing and production. According to relevant data analysis, in order to obtain the basis of continuous improvement, improve corporate performance and enhance customer satisfaction.

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