How to weld BGA components?

- Jun 14, 2019-

03015 refers to components like capacitor and resistor size of 0.25mm*0.125mm and height of 0.11mm. The biggest challenge of the 03015 assembly is not the SMT process, but the solder paste printing on the circuit board welding pad.


For small BGA package components, first understand the solder paste printing must use the steel mesh, they have different requirements for the amount of solder paste, the steel mesh opening hole must be adapted to the requirements of different welding end surfaces for the amount of solder paste. The requirements of solder paste alloy powder particles are very high, and the paste viscosity and silver density are required strictly too.


pcb board fr4 smt factory

There is also a requirement for SMT welding. The SMT requires a high-speed, stable, high-quality SMT machine to complete the mounting and assembly of the metric 03015 components. The SMT machine must meet the following points:


1. Before and after the SMT machine picks up the components,it’ necessary to check the existence of the tray components to ensure the success rate of the suction.


2. The picking up components’ speed and self-adjustment of the SMT machine, improving the pick-up rate.


3. Independent image system and multi-angle adjustable light source to inspect quality  of each component and save the picture.


4. Due to the warpage of the PCB, the component has thickness error. If the route is not enough, the SMT process will be inaccurate; if the route is too large, the solder paste will be collapsed, causing a short circuit, and the components will be squashed or even crushed.


5. Select the appropriate nozzle to avoid SMT shadows.


6. Feeder accuracy and feed speed, full closed-loop control to ensure accurate, stable and reliable feeding, preferably be able to calibrate automatically .

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