How to solder circuit board with soldering iron?

- Jan 11, 2019-

When heating, the soldering iron tip should be able to heat the pad and component leads at the same time. Hold the soldering iron with the pen holding method and the small finger pad on the printed circuit board. When soldering, it can not only stabilize the printed circuit board but also support the stable soldering iron. Function, using this method to hold the soldering iron can adjust the contact area, angle and contact pressure of the soldering iron and the pad and lead.

After the copper foil lead reaches the solder melting temperature, first add a little solder to the lead wire of the soldering iron tip, and then slightly move the soldering iron tip to the end surface of the lead, fill the solder on the end surface of the lead again, and then draw the arc, Move the soldering iron and soldering one by one in the opposite direction of the lead bend, and finally remove the solder wire and the soldering iron from the printed circuit board to complete the soldering operation.

For components that are not bent after the lead is inserted, a small amount of solder may be applied to the soldering iron tip to heat the lead and the pad. After the lead and the pad are heated, the solder is added from the opposite side of the lead and the soldering iron. After soldering, remove the solder and then remove the soldering iron.

soldering operation

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