How to refine the management of PCB printing workshop

- Sep 15, 2020-

To realize the refined management of the PCB manufacturing workshop, if the data transmission mode of the previous form is still used, the problem of poor connection or low efficiency will inevitably occur. Now ERP and more comprehensive MES systems have appeared on the market. From the point of view, the production steps should be broken down, so today the editor of Jingbang Electronics will share with you about the use of MES system in the workshop for management refinement:

How to refine Smt shop management

From the aspect of pcb manufacturing, because the meaning of the MES system is to break through the original management mode of the enterprise, through the labeling and systematization of various materials, devices, etc., an "ID card" is assigned to each component. The bar code standardization of the label when the supplier receives the material. So for from:

①Supplier cloud label printing;

②Scan materials;

③IQC quality inspection;

④Inventory/material management;

⑤ Production preparation/online;

⑥ Preparation of supporting materials;

⑦In the product material monitoring;

⑧Return material/bulk material management;

⑨ Statement management;

Therefore, if we know every material of pcba circuit boards in production in the background, we know all the boards lacking materials, waiting materials, preparing materials, matching materials, losses, etc. It is of great significance for the PCBA processing plant PMC and even the boss to decide the company's development plan next.

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