How to investigate the production strength of a China PCB board factory

- Mar 08, 2019-

The first is to examine the comprehensive strength of a China pcb board factory, including production strength, quality control, delivery time limit and service quality. The following is a share of FASTPCBA.

There are seven commonly used equipment for general printed circuit board assembly lines: Loader, Stacker, Solder printer, Highspeed mounter, and Coveryor. Multi function mounter, Reflow, Unloader, Automated Optical Detector (AOI), Perspective Detector (X-RAY), in addition to normal production must also be equipped with The air compressor supplies air to the machine.

 Then what are the functions of these devices? Xiaobian gives you the following relevant information:

       1. Upper board machine: The PCB is placed in the Rack to automatically send the board to the suction machine.

       2. Suction machine: The automatic suction PCB is placed on the track and transferred to the printing machine.

       3, printing machine: the laser steel on the steel paste or red plastic on the printed PCB.

       4, high-speed placement machine: using the device editing program to place the components on the specified part position, can be loaded with SOP 28pin or less roll-shaped parts, which is characterized by fast loading speed.

       5. Connection station: The device that transmits the PCB board.

       6. Universal Mounter: Use the device editing program to mount the components on the specified parts. It can be mounted on SOP 28pin or higher (including components that can be mounted on high-speed machines). Roll, disc or tubular packaging components. . It is characterized by high precision and diversification, but it is installed at a speed lower than that of a high-speed machine.

       7. Reflow soldering: SMT solder paste or red glue is used to set the appropriate temperature curve to complete the soldering action between the solder paste and the parts.

       8. Unloader: Pass the transmission track and close the plate in magzine.

       9. Optical detector: Automatic optical inspection is a device that detects common defects encountered in welding production based on optical principles. AOI is a new type of testing technology that has only emerged in recent years, but it has developed rapidly. Many manufacturers have introduced AOI testing equipment. When it is automatically detected, the machine automatically scans the PCB through the camera, collects images, and compares the solder joints of the test with the qualified parameters in the database. After image processing, the defects on the PCB are checked, and the defects are displayed/marked by the display or the automatic sign. Come out for repair by maintenance staff.

       10. X-ray machine: It is mainly used to detect various industrial components, electronic components and circuits. For example, socket plug rubber internal wiring connection, diode internal welding, BGA welding, etc. The X-ray machine is an X-ray machine that can be connected to a computer for image processing. This type of industrial inspection portable X-ray machine provides an excellent solution for the factory appliance repair field.

       The above-mentioned equipment is indispensable for the standardized pcb assembly production line. When the customer examines the production strength of an enterprise, it can be combined with the above to make a one-to-one judgment.

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