How to design the Circuit Board? ~by FastPCBA

- Nov 28, 2017-

So how to design the suitable PCB? Here are major steps:

1. Pre-prepared

2. PCB structure design

3. PCB layout design

Create a network table (Design Create Netlist) in the schematic tool, and then import the network table (Design Import Netlist) in the PCB software, etc.

PCB layout design is the first important process during PCB design process, so pay much attention for a good starting.

4. Wiring optimization and silk screen display

5. Network DRC inspection and structural inspection

6. PCB board

Before the PCB officially machined, the board designer needs to communicate with the PCB for the PE of the mill, and the manufacturer’s questions regarding the PCB processing. This includes but is not limited to: PCB board type selection, line layer width Line spacing adjustment, impedance control adjustment, PCB stacking thickness adjustment, surface treatment processing technology, aperture tolerance control and delivery standards. (In a word, DFM)


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