How to control Pcb manufacturing quality?

- Sep 25, 2019-

Pcb manufacturers must develop effective measures to reduce or avoid failures of quality problems. It is very necessary to establish rules and regulations for the maintenance of PCB manufacturing assembly equipment.  Ensuring that the equipment always in good condition is an important means to ensure the quality of the board and the production efficiency of the products. The following are the main points of quality control of FASTPCBA:

(1) Strengthen the routine maintenance of the machine

The pcb placement machine is a very complex, high-tech, high-precision machine that requires operation in a constant temperature, humidity, and clean environment. Daily maintenance, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual maintenance measures must be adhered to in strict accordance with the requirements of the equipment.


(2) Requirements for equipment operators

1 Operators should receive certain SMT expertise and technical training.

2 Operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures of the machine. It is not allowed to operate the device with a fault. If the fault is found, it should be stopped in time, and reported to the technical personnel or equipment maintenance personnel, and can be used after fault being excluded.

3 Requires the operator to concentrate on the operation process, to achieve diligent eyesight, ear. Eyesight diligence - Observe whether there are any abnormalities during the operation of the machine, such as the tape cutter does not move, the plastic tape is broken, and the placement is not correct.

Ear diligence- Listen to the abnormal sound of the machine during operation, such as the abnormal sound of the placement head, the throwing material, the conveyor, and the scissors.


Hand diligence - an abnormal phenomenon was found to be resolved in time. Small problems can be solved by themselves; mechanical and electrical problems must be repaired by maintenance personnel.


(3) Develop measures to reduce or avoid mistakes

In mounting pcb process , the easiest and most common error is misplaced components and improper placement. Therefore, the following measures are taken to prevent it.

1.After the device is programmed, a professional person must check whether the component values at the numbered positions of the check station are consistent with the component values of the corresponding feeder numbers in the programming table. If inconsistent, it must be corrected.

2 Strip feeder, when each sheet material is placed and refilled, a professional person must check whether the new tray value is correct.


3 After the smt device is programmed, it must be edited once to check whether the component number, rotation angle and placement position of each placement step are correct.

4 After each batch of pcb products has been placed on the first piece, it must be inspected by a professional person. The problem should be corrected in time by modifying the program and other methods.

During the pcb mounting process, it is often checked conditions such as the placement position is correct or not, and the material thrown. Once finding problems, should check them in time and eliminate them.

6. Set pre-weld inspection station (manual or through AOI)

In short, the placement speed and accuracy of pcb placement machine is certain, how to play the role of the machine, human factors are important to develop effective rules and regulations and management measures to ensure the normal operation of the machine and ensure the quality and efficiency of the mounting.

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