How to choose Shenzhen multilayer printed circuit board company

- Jul 03, 2020-

How to choose Shenzhen multilayer printed circuit board company

The premise of business cooperation is mutual trust, and the establishment and maintenance of trust will take time to slowly settle. Then long-term cooperation is an excellent business model. So before choosing a long-term cooperation with a supplier, how do we choose the PCB supplier we are satisfied with when facing tens of thousands of suppliers? Without further ado, today FASTPCBA will share with you from the perspective of its own industry and the two dimensions of region: before long-term cooperation, how to choose which one is suitable for many multilayer printed circuit board companies in Shenzhen?

First of all, what characteristics must a qualified PCBA manufacturing plant have. If you can't even pass the qualification, the quality of the product and subsequent maintenance costs can be imagined later. Therefore, the selection of suppliers must be selected from qualified suppliers, which is called excellent selection.

1. Perfect industry qualifications.

ISO9001 qualification certification, this is the country's primary assessment of PCBA manufacturers' most basic processing technology and environment. Higher level or more professional qualifications, such as Jingbang Electronics' medical electronics IS013485, automotive electronics IATF16949, these are international certification standards. At least you must be able to meet internationally recognized industry standards so that the products produced can be recognized by the market.

2. Professional engineering procurement team.

People are the primary productive forces. The professional high-tech engineering and procurement team must be able to save the customer's worry, time, effort and money for the control of the customer's product production process and quality control. If a PCBA processing plant does not have an experienced engineer, the products you have worked hard to develop are handed over to a group of stubborn men, and the consequences are unbearable.

3. First-class production equipment and testing equipment.

Why is it the first-class production equipment and testing equipment, these are short for two kinds of equipment. Many PCBA factories secretly change their concepts, saying that they have first-class production equipment, and whether they have advanced testing equipment, they will never mention it, and promote me everywhere to do anything. However, people who know the industry know that with the introduction of new products and new processes, the integration of new products is getting higher and higher, the volume is getting smaller and smaller, and more and more sophisticated. A little carelessness is the whole batch of defects. Without advanced testing equipment, it is impossible to cope with it, let alone product quality.

4. Perfect after-sales service system.

When we are looking for a Shenzhen multilayer printed circuit board company, don't be too busy to inform the demand. You can audit the factory first. Communicate more with the docking business and engineering to determine the degree of cooperation between the staff of the multilayer printed circuit board company. If there is no coordination and cooperation within this factory, you should not think about how good this factory can be for delivery and after-sales. The internal mutual refusal can only be caused by problems you push me, I push you, the delivery is not allowed to be commonplace, after-sales will definitely make you collapse.

5. The size and time of the manufacturer.

This is actually a bit of a meaning to people. The scale of an enterprise depends on the scale of the enterprise and how many years have you been in this business? In fact, this is an intuitive assessment of the PCBA factory. The large-scale must be well-funded, technical staffing, and management systems to be improved! FASTPCBA currently has 5 SMT lines with about 120 employees and a daily production capacity of 3.7 million/point. At this scale, the company will inevitably raise higher requirements for the company's management, so we use the real-time ERP order management system. The customer's order status and material conditions are fully controlled. Therefore, the delivery time of the customer's product is guaranteed, which can save the customer's time and worry.

Based on the above five points, if a pcba processing plant can meet, you can combine them with your product characteristics to choose the SMT patch processing plant that suits you.

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