How does the Pcb placement machine install the feeder?

- Oct 15, 2019-

Installing the feeder is to install the component-installed feeder to the material station of the pcb placement machine. This step is very important. First, if the wrong position is installed, the machine will pick up the wrong components on the PCB, causing a major loss of “missing components”. Second, the new placement machine, some are electronic feeder, electronic feeder is not installed in place, the indicator light is not on and will alarm.In addition, if it is a mechanical feeder, both sides of the material station will be equipped with laser sensors to detect the floating of the feeder. If the feeder is not installed in place, it will also alarm.However, in the past, the old placement machine material station was not equipped with the float detection device. If the feeder is not installed in place (float),the placement head will be broken when picking up pieces.

pcb placement

The requirements for installing the feeder are as follows:

1 Install various pcb components on the material station of the placement machine according to the pick-up program table compiled by offline programming or online programming;

2 When installing the feeder, it must be installed in place as required;

3 After the installation is completed, it must be inspected by the inspector to ensure that the trial mounting and pcb batch production can be carried out after correctness.

Therefore, the correct installation of component feeders is an important step to improve the  pcb productivity. 

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