Great Changes in PCB Industry Chain

- Nov 23, 2017-

With the PCB industry continues to shift to Asia, China has become the world's highest PCB production area. According to Prismark's estimate, China’s PCB  will reach $28.972 billion in 2017 in 2017 , accounting for more than 50% of global GDP. At the same time, Multi-application has also promoted the PCB industry.


Applications such as data centers upgrade HDI requirements, FPC has a vast space in future. The boom in mobile electronics such as smart phones will drive up demand for FPC. Under the trend of intelligent and lightweight mobile electronic products, FPC's advantages of light weight, thin thickness and bending resistance will benefit its widespread use.


New applications promotes the growth of the industry. Era of 5G is approaching. 5G new communication base stations have a lot of demand for high frequency circuit boards: compared with millions base stations of 4G era, the base station scale of 5G era is expected to exceed tens of millions.


The trend of automotive electronics will drive the rapid growth of car PCB. With the increase of the electronic degree of automobile, the demand area of PCB will gradually increase.. Compared with traditional cars, new energy vehicles have higher requirements on the degree of electronicization. The cost of electronic devices in conventional luxury cars accounts for about 25%, while that of new energy vehicles reaches 45% to 65%. BMS will become the new growth point of automotive PCB, there will be a large rigid demand for high-frequency PCB of millimeter wave radar.


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