Good Ways to Cheaper PCBA While Keep Quality

- Dec 29, 2017-

Many electronic purchasers or engineers will often get into terrible as to “Where to find the cheapest PCBA factory?" or "How to reduce my PCBA cost?" To be honest, there is always another cheapest PCBA supplier in the world, only if you look for. For those who only strive for low prices with many orders while neglecting PCBA’s quality, their projects may won’t failed during samples but very much likely be a disaster at mass quantity stage.


Actually what the PCBA purchasers and engineers look for only THE RIGHT PCB and PCBA Supplier, not the cheapest. Here we strongly recommend you find a PCB Assembler who can offer a best balance between quality and prices.The first thing purchsers need to do is to define the market of your electronic products,and adjust your schematic drawing/Gerber to the lowest possibility to cost more. Then choose the best-service PCBA provider within your budget. How to finilize the first thing to lowest the cost? Below are some suggestions from us,an experienced PCB and PCBA supplier in China.

1. Focus 2-3 Reliable, Professional and "suitable-cost" PCBA suppliers during your PCBA projects communication.

2. Optimize Schematic/Gerber to the maximum utilization.

3. Prepare an Complete BOM with common/standard components which are easy to be found or often used in the market.

4. Pay the most attention to all the Inspections and Tests the PCBA supplier will do and insist on a good result.

Take above suggestions into consideration, we’ll sure you will finally find the suitable pcba supplier like us in the market. If you have any more inquiry or questions, just email us. Thank you!

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