What are the requirements for storage and use of patch adhesive?

- May 03, 2016-


The material of the circuit board epoxy resin patch adhesive should be stored at low temperature (2-10 ° C), and the acrylic patch adhesive should be stored at room temperature and protected from light.

2. Use process requirements

1 When using, remove the patch glue from the refrigerator on the previous day, and use it until the patch glue returns to room temperature.

2 Pay attention to the type and viscosity of the glue when using, pay attention to tracking the first product, and test all aspects of the performance of the new patch adhesive.

3 Do not mix the patch adhesives of different models and different manufacturers. When changing the glue, all tools should be cleaned.

4 dispensing or printing operations should be performed at a constant temperature (23 ° C ± 2 ° C).

5 When using the printing process, the recycled patch adhesive cannot be used.

6 Need to dispense the patch glue, after returning to room temperature, open the packaging container cover to prevent condensation. Stir the glue evenly with a stainless steel rod and perform defoaming treatment. When the glue is completely bubble-free, put it into a clean injection tube. Do not fill too much (2/3 volume), the patched glue should be used within 24h, and the remaining patch glue should be stored separately.

7 When the pressure injection is applied, the diameter of the glue point should be checked. Generally, 1~2 test glue points can be set at the process side of the PCB, and the change of the diameter of the glue point after curing is often observed, and the quality of the used patch glue is truly in mind.

8 points of glue or post-printing after printing, and complete curing within 4h.

9 Operators should try to avoid contact between the patch glue and the skin. In case of accidental contact, it should be cleaned with ethanol in time.

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