FASTPCBA OQC shipment inspection

- Aug 24, 2019-

OQC shipment inspection is the final guarantee to verify that PCba's products fully meet customer requirements. Therefore, in order to strengthen the quality management of products so that ensuring stable shipment quality. OQC shipment inspection, inspection items and judgment criteria are specified by FASTPCBA as below.


Component inspection

1. Checking all PCB assembly components is there is leaks, missing parts, damage, etc.

2. Checking all ICs, diodes, etc. for polar components with or without reverse direction


Pcb welding inspection

1. Checking PCBA for any displacement, less material, bumps, sideways, flaps, etc.

2. Checking whether the pcba finished product has short circuit, empty welding, false welding, less tin, projection, insoluble tin, tin beads, tin slag, plugging holes, etc.


Other appearance inspection

Pcb circuit board and components are not allowed to have oxidation, burn color, and copper scratches


Clean inspection

Checking semi-finished products for residual rosin and other abnormal matter


Functional inspection

Performing electrical function tests based on customer needs or customer-provided test data


Inspection of the appearance of structural parts

No obvious scratches, deformation, abnormal color, rust, etc.


Inspection of the appearance of color boxes and cartons

The silk screen is clear, the appearance is not damaged, no obvious color strips, spots, dirt and other abnormal objects are contaminated.


Anti-static inspection

Does the operator use an electrostatic wrist strap or electrostatic gloves to ensure that the package is effective against static electricity?


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