Electrostatic sensitive components (SSD) transportation, storage, and usage requirements

- Aug 27, 2019-

  1. The components of the SSD class shall not be dropped on the ground during the transportation process and shall not be removed from the packaging casually.

2. The relative humidity of the warehouse where the SSD is stored is 30%-40%.

3. SSD should be kept in the original packaging during storage. If it is necessary to replace the packaging, you should use a container with anti-static properties.


4. In the warehouse, the corresponding anti-static special label should be attached to the position of the SSD device. Figure 1 shows the ESD-sensitive identification specified by IPC-A-610D: a hand with a slash across the triangle to indicate an electrical and electronic device or component that is susceptible to ESD damage.

5 When distributing SSD components, visual inspection should be used to check the number of components in the original package.

6 When writing, wiping, and protecting information on the EPROM, the writer/wiper should be fully grounded and an antistatic bracelet should be worn.


7. Pcb assembly, welding, repairing, debugging and other operators must strictly follow the electrostatic protection requirements and proceed operation.

8. Tested and inspected qualified SMA, sprayed once with an ion gun before packaging to eliminate static charge that may accumulate.

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