Electronic information industry under the influence of the new crown epidemic

- Apr 15, 2020-

Since the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia in Wuhan and the world, the electronics industry has closely followed and supported this fight against epidemic. The new crown epidemic situation is also affecting the development of the electronics industry.

As a member of the electronics industry, FASTPCBA, after receiving "emergency assistance", also resumed work in advance of the beginning of the year to provide the majority of medical equipment companies with: "thermometer" manufacturing, thermostat sensors and other components, medical PCB circuits The board is in urgent need of raw materials to solve the special needs during the epidemic situation and fight against the epidemic together!

However, due to the fact that there are still too many uncertainties in the development of the epidemic, many people are now infected abroad, and the medical system is almost collapsing. The epidemic situation is still grim. The demand for first-line medical equipment pcba is still very large. We expect ...!

one-stop service for PCBA manufacturing

Therefore, fastpcba continues to petition:

① Give play to its own <one-stop service for PCBA manufacturing>: PCB manufacturing-BOM components-SMT processing industrial advantages;

② Build a free "mutual trust, mutual assistance, and intercommunication" channel for the medical device industry, and work with people with lofty ideals throughout the country to continue to work together to effectively suppress the development of the epidemic,

③ Brainstorming! Provide solutions development, PCB / BOM & SMT intelligent services for medical electronics and epidemic equipment; contribute to the protection of people and homes!

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