Development trend of Pcb assembly process in 2019

- Sep 26, 2019-

In 2019, electronic PCBA products are developing towards the direction of short, small, light, thin and multi-functional, which promotes the integration degree of semiconductor integrated circuits to be higher , SMC to be smaller and the pin spacing of SMD to be narrower, so that the PCB assembly density of electronic products is higher and the assembly difficulty is greater.The traditional through hole components insert technology, wave soldering, manual welding has been unable to do in some occasions and products, SMT has become the mainstream of electronic manufacturing technology.


The development trend of process technology is shown in the following aspects.

1. At present, PCB assembly mainly adopts printing paste reflow welding process, and reflow welding is still the mainstream process of SMT.

2. Wave soldering process for single panel mixed installation and more through-hole components.

3. In the mixed board with fewer through-hole components, the reflow welding process of through-hole components is increasingly applied.

4. With the implementation of lead-free welding, the process of wave soldering is becoming more and more difficult. Therefore, selective wave soldering is more and more widely used.



5. Application of ACA, ACF and ESC technologies.

6. Flip chip FC, wafer level CSP, WLP and other new packaging assembly technology.

7. Application of 3d stacking POP technology.


8. Embedded IC, wafer and micro passive components in the polymer.Components such as R(resistance), C (capacitance), L (inductance) and filter are embedded in ceramic substrate and PCB substrate to form composite components or composite printed board.

9.FPC breaks through the traditional concept of interconnection technology and is widely used in various fields.

10.LED lighting is an important part of the energy saving and environmental protection industry. It is widely used in display screens, light bulbs, tubes, street lamps, advertising and decorative light strings, which has been developed rapidly in recent years.



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