Development trend of PCB assembly machine

- Feb 19, 2019-

PCB assembly machine has developed from the early mechanical alignment to the present optical alignment, with the ability of super-high speed patch. However, technology always advances, and the patch machine will also develop to the direction of faster patch speed, higher patch precision, more convenient loading and management.

(1) double guide rail is adopted to realize PCB assembly on one guide rail and board feeding on the other guide rail, so as to reduce PCB delivery time and the standby time of the patch head.

(2) adopt multi-head combination technology and z-axis soft landing technology, so as to make the patch speed faster, components placement more stable, higher precision, truly achieve PCB patch directly into the reflow welding.

(3) improve the feeding mode of the feeder and shorten the replacement time of components.

(4) adopt the modular concept, through the rapid configuration, integration equipment can be easily assembled or transferred between the production lines, truly realize the flexible and multi-functional line.

(5) develop more powerful software functional system, including various forms of PCB files, directly optimize the generation of patch program files, reduce the time of manual programming.Develop machine fault diagnosis system and mass production integrated management system to realize intelligent operation.

PCB assembly machine

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