PCB manufacturer's production line layout

- Jan 16, 2019-

The PCB manufacturer's shop layout should be laid out before the production equipment moves into the workshop, and the layout of the PCB workshop should be done in advance. Helps save more time.

The layout of the production line manufactured by Pcb is particularly important. The SMT production line consists of several large equipment.

FASTPCBA has a total of four SMT production pcb pipelines.

The layout of a line is roughly as follows:

1. Material point equipment is at the forefront

2. Board board machine

3. Each sequence needs to be equipped with an orderly machine to facilitate the flow into the next manufacturing process.

4. Solder paste printing equipment

5. Solder paste testing equipment

6. SMT device

7. SPI testing equipment

8. Reflow soldering

9. AOI testing equipment

10. DIP process

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