Correct the wrong practice of pcb assembly

- Mar 04, 2019-

Many operators will think that if the welding force is increased, the heat conduction of solder paste will be increased, thus the solder will be increased. But in fact, on the contrary, if the applied welding force is too large, it is easy to make the pad assembled by PCB appear warping, delamination, depression and other defects. In fact, the correct way is to touch the pad lightly, so as to ensure the quality of PCB assembly.

PCB assembly

Temperature is an important parameter for soldering, if improperly set, it will also cause the damage of printed circuit board assembly; it is also necessary to pay attention to the transfer welding operation, which places the soldering head between the soldering pad and the pin, and makes the tin wire close to the soldering head, until the soldering time moves to the opposite side.

Above all, the China PCB board factory introduced a few points for attention in order to control the operation of PCB assembly. In addition, there are many points worthy of our attention. In a word, we should master the main points of processing and operate strictly in accordance with the specifications.

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