Copper foil for manufacturing printed circuit board and its surface treatment method

- Aug 31, 2020-

What is copper foil?

Copper foil is the main raw material for manufacturing copper clad laminates, and copper clad laminates are the main raw materials for manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs). At present, most of the copper foil is used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

The role of copper foil:

Printed circuit boards use a large amount of electronic and electrical materials, and the development of high-performance and high-reliability technologies requires the characteristics of materials to be increasingly complex and diversified. As one of the constituent materials of the printed circuit board Copper foil also has stricter requirements on its quality.

In the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards, the rough surface side of the copper foil is first laminated with a base material impregnated with insulating synthetic resin, and then laminated, hot-pressed with a press to form a copper-clad laminate, and then wiring the circuit Forming process to make a printed circuit board.

According to the surface treatment method, it can be divided into single-sided treated copper foil, double-sided treated copper foil and coated copper foil: according to the production method, it can be divided into electrolytic copper foil and rolled copper foil. Electrolytic copper foil is formed by depositing copper ions in the electrolyte on a smooth rotating stainless steel plate (or titanium plate) round cathode drum. The wool foil, which is close to the surface of the cathode drum, is called the smooth surface, and the other side is called wool. Surface; calendered copper foil is generally made of copper ingots. After hot pressing, tempering, toughening, planing, descaling, cold rolling, continuous toughening, pickling, calendering, and degreasing and drying, the roughness of the rolled copper foil is 0.1 4m. The surface roughness of the copper foil is 0.34m". In addition, the purity of the rolled copper foil is 99.9%, and the purity of the electrolytic copper foil is 99.8%.

Copper foil is a key conductive material in printed circuit roots, and its performance is closely related to its surface treatment. Therefore, whether it is electrolytic copper foil or rolled copper foil, it must undergo surface treatment before it is made into a copper clad board. At present, the advanced copper foil production technology and copper foil surface treatment technology are monopolized by the United States and Japan. In recent years, my country's PCB industry has developed rapidly. The demand for copper foil is increasing, and the quality requirements for copper foil are also getting higher and higher. However, due to the late start of research on copper museums in my country, the technology is relatively backward, and most of the high-end The copper foil still relies on imports.

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