Metal stamping parts circuit board manufacturing

- Sep 15, 2016-

basic information

Model: FASTPCBA-S092

Processing type: printing tissue forming circuit board

Mold: Simple single process mold

Fine punching: multiple positions

Industry: Metal stampings

Customization: OEM custom board

Trademark: can make a customer's logo

Process: spray tin

Material: carbon steel

Surface treatment: electroplating

Process: e

FASTPCBA is ready to meet your toughest mechanical project requirements.

1. FASTPCBA Mission

Is a famous printed circuit board OEM custom manufacturing factory

2. FASTPCBA value

Integrity, diligence, professionalism, innovation

3. Who is FASTPCBA

FASTPCBA is a supplier company that provides packaging solutions for OEM customization of manufacturing, board assembly, component procurement, and shell molding to reduce customer procurement and manufacturing costs.

4. What is covered by the FASTPCBA service?

FASTPCBA is committed to providing our customers with a one-stop shop for complete processes. FASTPCBA services cover product development, establish product quality standards and quality control management systems, organize and supervise mass production, timely Q/C, provide global door-to-door logistics solutions, product quality assurance and defect product repair and replacement.

5.b) Complete project management and one-stop service to complete the entire process

R&D: innovative technology solutions

Financial and engineering support

c) complete quality control

To the production system: ISO / TS16949

Product: Q / C team support

6. Complete quality assurance policy

100% quality assurance covers all products

100% defective product is free to replace

7. Complete logistics solution

Fast logistics solution

Small batch order solution on call

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