Brush three anti-paint considerations

- Nov 08, 2019-

After the functional test of the Pcb circuit board is completed, the three anti-paints are brushed. Taking a certain circuit board as an example, the precautions and steps for brushing the three anti-paints are as follows.

1, Cut the appropriate wrinkle adhesive tape (in the red box) J1, J2, J3, J12, J13, J14 front and back;

2, Hand brush three anti-paint, after the brush is good, put the board flat, until the glue is dry;

3, The components in the yellow box can not be applied to the three anti-paint, please do a good job of protection;

4: Be sure to wait until the glue is dry before turning the second side of the brush;


5, after the glue is dry, check whether all the buttons are smooth, and there is no glue immersed in the button to cause the button to be bad.

6, pay attention! Three anti-paint thickness of more than 90 microns.

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