What is the best PCB prototype assembly service?

- Dec 13, 2019-

The best PCB manufacturing services must meet the four basic conditions.

1. High density of circuit boards

2. High-quality products

3.Fast delivery capability

4. Low cost

It is precisely because PCB manufacturing and assembly has these four advantages that promote the widespread application of SMT, which in turn promotes the continuous development of the pcb prototype circuit board.

Of course, in addition to the above 4 conditions, it is not enough to be the best PCB manufacturing supplier. As the circuit board design and pcb layout becomes more and more difficult and complicated, PCB prototype manufacturers have to change the original production capacity to deal with these complex Procedure.

So how did CNFASTPCB.COM become the choice of thousands of customers?


1.CNFASTPCB.COM has done only one thing for 15 years, focusing on PCB manufacturing, pcb prototype assembly, component procurement, and “one-stop” superior service. With “one-stop” service. Different supplier issues have been solved (pcb bare board supplier, pcb assembly supplier, component supplier, finished case supplier), reduce the communication cost , and no longer worry about your order deday due to the insufficient service of each. So "one-stop" pcb prototype assembly service is one of the best choices.



2. Exquisite electronic engineering technology, professional electronic engineers can save more costs for your project, why say so? Our engineers are "more experienced", and they have contacted more PCB board problems and better solution capabilities. CNFASTPCB.COM's senior front-end engineers and test engineers assist customers in analyzing PCB design and proofing. According to the test plan, all the causes and effects of the product can be efficiently analyzed, which can reduce the order's cost by up to 20%, the qualified rate up to 99%. So "professional engineer" is the best choice for pcb prototype assembly service.


3. Imported high-quality raw materials, the more important is the quality of raw materials. Take solder paste as an example, as shown below. There are many PCB manufacturers use solder paste extracted from second-hand solder slags . Although with low cost, its quality risks are undoubtedly the biggest. Second-hand solder paste will affect the quality of circuit board products However, it will seriously affect the service life of the circuit board. CNFASTPCB.COM uses lead-free solder paste from Japanese brand KOKI (S3X48-M406-3), and selects high-purity lead-free solder bars from Yunnan Tin. Do not use secondary processing raw materials, and its quality is trustworthy. So "imported high-quality raw materials" is the third best choice for PCB prototype assembly services.

Solder paste contrast - FASTPCBA

4. The quality of components is guaranteed. All customers' materials are carefully counted. All materials are fully inspected before going online, and their attributes are checked to ensure the quality of components and reduce the risk of repair. Baking before PCB goes online is our basic operation, demanding details and strict attitude. Therefore, "inspection of components" is the fourth best choice for PCB prototype assembly services.


5. Strict quality control, 9 testing procedures are the trump card of CNFASTPCB.COM.

(1) IQC incoming inspection, to prevent the poor process caused by bad materials thus delay the delivery

(2) SPI solder paste inspection, printing inspection of solder paste, it is found in advance before the previous process operation flows into the next process

(3) Online AOI inspection to check whether the products produced are wrong, leaky, or bad materials are flowing into of the next process

(4) The SMT first-piece inspection to ensure that the components mounted to the production model are completely in accordance with the customer's assembly drawings and bill of materials to prevent the bad product flow into the next process

(5) IPQC product inspection, random inspection of all production processes, whether it is consistent with the operation instructions

(6) Offline AOI inspection, inspection of the soldered surface-mounted PCBA for faults, leaks, and false connections.

(7) X-RAY-welding inspection, detecting the solder joints of the original that are not visible to the naked eye, to avoid the short circuit and virtual welding flowing into the next process

(8) QC manual inspection, referring to the standard IPC-610 inspection standard, inspecting the finished circuit board to ensure 100% good product shipment

(9) QA shipment inspection, standardize inspection of finished products to prevent substandard products from being shipped

Therefore, "9 inspection procedures" is the fifth best choice for PCB prototype assembly services.


6. Perfect service system. The business has expanded to many overseas countries, strong sales and after-sales service teams, efficient customer service, quality and quantity assured, timely delivery, and constantly exceed customer needs. So "perfect service" is the sixth best choice for pcb prototype assembly service.


7.ERP system, scientific and information management, real-time tracking status of order downstream processes. Information at a glance. Therefore, the "ERP order system" is the seventh best choice for PCB prototype assembly services.

How to order PCB manufacturing assembly service from CNFASTPCB.COM?

best pcb assembly

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