Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

- Nov 27, 2019-

AOI means that when automatic detection, the machine automatically scans the PCB through the camera, collects the image, compares the parameters of the test solder joint with the qualified parameters of the data summary, and through image processing, checks for various defects on the PCB assembly board and display or mark the defects through the display or automatic signs for maintenance personnel to repair.The role of AOI equipment in PCB manufacturing and assembly:

① Instead of manual visual inspection, check the miniaturized and high-density products that cannot be inspected manually.
② Save the workload of manual visual inspection and reduce labor costs.

③ AOI's software technology has process control capabilities and has become an effective process control tool.


AOI can generate two types of process control information:

Quantitative information, such as measurement of component offset;

● Nature comfirmation information, you can judge the system defects of the manufacturing process by directly reporting the defect information of the entire assembly process.

AOI has powerful statistical functions, can directly count ppm data, and can also directly generate control charts. Usually, a control chart can be selected as the main monitoring chart. This chart is usually set at the inspection equipment or rework station. The operator can select a point for further investigation and can generate a more detailed defect classification map.

pcba aoi



④ The AOI can be placed in different positions after printing, before welding, and after welding for process tracking.

⑤ Implement the final quality control and uniform evaluation standards to ensure the stability of pcb assembly quality.

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