Analysis of the main points of PCB manufacturing

- Oct 12, 2020-

With the development of science and technology of the times, "small and beautiful" has become the development prospect of many electronic devices, which has prompted many SMD electronic devices to become dry and smaller. Therefore, under the prerequisite of continuous improvement of the production and processing natural environment regulations, there will be higher regulations on the SMT chip processing technology, so what must be concerned about PCB manufacturing and assembly?

First, the storage condition of solder paste.

When carrying out PCB manufacturing and assembly processing, everyone knows that solder paste must be applied. However, for the newly purchased solder paste, if it is not applied immediately, it must be placed in a natural environment of 5-10 degrees. To endanger its application, the placing temperature should not be less than 0 degrees or higher than 10 degrees. Second,

Production maintenance of PCB assembly machinery and equipment.

When developing the manufacturing and assembly process, it is necessary to carry out inspection and maintenance on time for the placement machine equipment, and improve the equipment inspection rules and regulations. If the machine equipment becomes brittle, or some components are damaged, there will be a series of conditions such as patch-type sticking, high throw-off, etc., which is more serious

Harm to manufacturing, resulting in the consumption of product costs and low productivity. Secondly, the improvement of the main parameters of the processing technology.

If you want to ensure the quality of PCB board electric welding during processing, you must always pay attention to whether the basic parameters of the reflow oven's processing technology are effective. If the basic parameters have problems, the PCB board electric welding quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the temperature control must be tested twice a day. Only by constantly improving the temperature curve can the quality of the products produced and processed. Ultimately, improve the inspection method.

The complexity of the structure and processing technology of electronic components has clearly put forward high requirements for non-destructive testing technology. The basic inspection methods are visual inspection method, automatic electron optical inspection method (AOI), electrical test method (ICT), and ultrasonic inspection The law has long been unable to consider the relative density, efficient operation, and standardization of the SMT field. X-ray inspection uses the principle of scattering imaging to produce a new transformation for SMT manufacturing inspection methods. X-ray inspection methods are currently expected to further improve the level of production and manufacturing technology, improve production quality, and promptly deal with common faults in assembly As the best choice for manufacturers dealing with breakthrough points, it will eventually become a popular requirement for inspection in the SMT field.

The technological content of patch processing is very high. If you do not attach great importance to this key point and blindly increase productivity, the quality of the processed products will be difficult, and the sales of goods will be greatly affected.

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