HDI Impedance Double PCB Board

HDI Impedance Double PCB Board

For HDI Impedance Double PCB Board, there are various impedance line in both the internal and external layer, and various impedance control requirment. The integration of the board design is very high, thick diameter ratio of more than 10:1, heavy copper plating is difficult.

Product Details

HDI Impedance Double PCB Board
Basic information about the product:

Product Classification: PCBA

Board use: wifi controller

Product code: 2B3301A0-PCBA

Pcb information: size: 80*80MM double sided FR4, plate thickness 1.6MM, copper thickness 2OZ, lead-free spray tin, black oil white

Order Quantity: 550pcs

Delivery time: 5 days

Material name: PCB, relay, inductor, plug-in resistor


Order information:

Circuit board process technology: lead-free

Welding method:

1 plate is over the furnace, no plug holes and screw holes can not be tinned (it is necessary to evaluate whether it is protected by adhesive tape before delivery);

2 board welding;

Circuit board cutting foot requirements: according to the conventional 1-1.2mm

Inspection requirements: General Standards implement IPC-610E-2

Printed circuit board cleaning method: The washing water does not corrode to the inside of the connector.

Trial production report for printed circuit boards: The trial production report is sent to the salesperson in the form of an electronic file.



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