HDI Pcb Pcb Making

HDI Pcb Pcb Making

hdi pcb pcb making HDI is an abbreviation for High Density Interconnector. It is a kind of technology (technical) for producing printed circuit boards. It uses a micro-blind buried hole technology to provide a circuit board with a relatively high distribution density. HDI is a compact product...

Product Details

HDI Pcb Pcb Making

Basic information on manufacturing circuit board products:

Product code: 2G4301A0-PCBA

Circuit board product use: industrial controller

Pcb sheet information: PCBA processing, double-sided FR4 HDI circuit board, board thickness 1.6MM, copper thickness 1OZ, lead-free tin-spray process

Unit of measure: 30

Production cycle: 5 days

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Product description information for the product:

Project requirements: pcba one stop

Process flow: smt+dip+ packaging

SMT points: 350

Number of dip plugins: 100

Chip burning: to burn and test before.

Other needs: PCB board customer supply, other self-purchasing

Solder paste requirements: Stena, SnAg1.0Cu0.5 lead-free solder paste FB360 T4 A10

Material condition: chip resistor, chip capacitor, chip electrolytic capacity, patch IC, patch audio interface, patch SD card holder, patch module, patch optocoupler, patch button, patch insurance, patch Transistor

Circuit board experiment: patch audio interface AJ1, AJ2 patch SD card holder J4 patch button SW1 to do furnace experiment

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Board inspection requirements: check for errors and leaks

Welding method: hand soldering, soldering iron temperature 370 degrees, tin penetration 50%

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