FR-4 Pcb prototype manufacturer

FR-4 Pcb prototype manufacturer

FR-4 Electronics Digital Photo Frame Pcb is featured by one-stop service, low cost with high quality, commitment of quality assurance, 100% E-tested PCB, fast delivery, anti-static package, RoHS Directive-compliant, lead-free. Tight board thickness tolerance(+/- 3 mils) control.

Product Details

FR-4 Pcb prototype manufacturer

Product file management information:

Product Category: PCBA

Inventory category: finished product

Product code: 2A3906A0-PCBA

Circuit board information: double-sided FR4, board thickness 1.6MM, copper thickness 1OZ, lead-free spray tin, green oil white, single piece size 5800.0*110.7MM.

Specification model: 600-0213

Unit of measure: 500pcs

Imported materials: There are 58 kinds of imported materials IC

Board inspection method: full inspection

Delivery period: 6 days


Circuit board process description:

Material name used by the board:

PCB board, plug-in resistor, plug-in transistor, plug-in IC, plug-in DC broadcaster, plug-in socket, plug-in connector, label sticker, standard electrostatic bag |

Process technology: lead-free

Material baking: follow the "SMT parts baking operation guide"

Welding method: wave soldering, wave soldering temperature 255-260 degrees, tin penetration 50%, two labels must be attached after DIP is completed. The first production of the informed product engineering site confirmed.



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