Fr4 Pcb Circuit Board Assembly

Fr4 Pcb Circuit Board Assembly

Fr4 Pcb Circuit Board Assembly is widely used as a PCB base material among electrical engineers and designers. The low cost and versatility of the material and its rich beneficial physical properties are the reasons for this popularity.

Product Details

Fr4 Pcb Circuit Board Assembly

Specification model: single-sided aluminum substrate, 6061 aluminum, plate thickness 2.0MM, copper thickness 2OZ, immersion gold, black oil white characters, introduction coefficient 1W/M.K, hole and substrate conduction, single piece size 54*54MM

Order Quantity: 650pcs

Manufacturing Engineering: Lead Free

Process flow: SMT+ packaging

Inspection requirements: according to company internal standards

Solder paste requirements: use custom Qiandao solder paste sn99Ag0.3 Cu0.7 (No. QD9038-Q11-4)

Reflow soldering requirements: welding time control 240-250 °, super 230 ° welding time in 40-60s

Cleaning method: hand wash, no residue on the board surface (including rosin, flux residue), focus on soldering iron and tin

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SMT points: 41, no DIP process

Inspection requirements: General Standards implement IPC-610E-2

1.D1, D2 The first 3 pieces must be seen according to X-RAY. The infrared tube has no welding phenomenon. Every 1 hour or so in production, it is necessary to take more than one shot. X-RAY see D1, D2 welding condition, good welding. normal production;

2 Note that 1A1090A0 and 1A1090A1 are distinguished. The two PCBs are different. The BOM differs by one LK6 bit (1A1090A0 has no LK6 bit).

Solder paste requirements: Ag0.3/Cu0.7/20-38uM

Packing and transportation: White pearl cotton should be used for protection around the carton, which should be shockproof, anti-collision and anti-fall.

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Product details

Pcb manufacturing

Pcb manufacturing

Pcb manufacturing

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