94v0 Pcb Fabricating And Assembly

94v0 Pcb Fabricating And Assembly

China PCBA manufcturer 94v0 pcb fabricating and assembly 1.the most advanced SMT machine (MYDATA&YAMAHA); 2.automatic reflow machine (Vitronics Soltec) 3.AOI machine: Aleader; 4.X-RAY machine; 5.Paste, imported from Japan (KOKI); 6.100%AOI testing &inspection;...

Product Details

94v0 Pcb Fabricating And Assembly

Basic information about board products:

Product code: 2D2401C0-PCBA

Product use: pesticide sprayer

Order quantity: 10000pcs

Pcb sheet information: 2L, FR4, 1.6MM, 1OZ, immersion gold, green oil white. The size of the board: 170*111MM/4PCS. Board size: 80*56mm

Order Type: Return Order


Product order information:

Project requirements: pcba processing one-stop

Process flow: smt+dip+burning+test+brushing three anti-paint+packaging

SMT points: 180

DIP: 25

Others: 1. Return the order 2. Need to brush three anti-paint 3. Burn + test 4. Before the production into the warehouse Wait for the third party inspection. 5. Packaging kraft anti-static bag


Product process description:

Production process: lead-free process

Solder paste requirements: Thousand Island Ag0.3/Cu0.7/20-38um

Double-sided patch: Buzzer (BZ1) position needs to be fixed by red glue

Welding method: manual welding

Special requirements: The welding temperature is controlled within 380 degrees. There are welding tools in the S1 and S2 positions. Be careful not to skew (the assembled housing is used to confirm the verticality of the S1 and S2 positions). 2. All the pins are gold-plated and cannot be used. Tinned pins.

Burn test:

1. After the welding is completed, first burn it with PICKIT3.

2 test using the test stand;

3. Spray three anti-paint (three anti-paint model: Bectron PL 4122-E BLF, can be used to check the glue spray results in the spray process, the pin, buzzer, wire and S1 and S2 can not touch the three anti-paint , the thickness of the three anti-paint is above 100um

4. Test the test frame again; (See D2401 three anti-paint operation and inspection precautions for details)



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