Pcb SMD Pcb Assembly Service

Pcb SMD Pcb Assembly Service

FASTPCBA has been a high-tech company since 2003.

Product Details


Base material: FR

4 minimum width / space: 2mil / 2mil

Layer: 4 layers

Copper thickness: 1-4OZ

Surface treatment: HASL

Lead-free solder mask: black

Board thickness: 1.6mm

Silkscreen: White

Test points: 6000

Mini hole: 0.15mm

pcb board

Product description

FASTPCBA has been a high-tech company since 2003.

The company's main products are single-sided, double-sided, rigid multilayer printed boards, metal (aluminum) (copper) PCBs, high-frequency PCBs, high school TG boards, etc. Products are widely used in industrial fields control electronics, automotive electronics, communication networks, medical, military, computers and peripherals and consumer electronics. The standard quality of our product companies is sold all over the world.

So far, all products have passed UL / ISO9001 / TS16949 / ISO 13485 / RoHS certification.

circuit board

FASTPCBA Co., LTD is a competitive China pcb smd pcb assembly service OEM manufacturer, supplier and vendor, you can get quick turn pcb smd pcb assembly service production prototypes and samples from our factory.
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