Double Sided Pcb manufacturing

Double Sided Pcb manufacturing

The double sided PCB comes with two sided traces or paths i.e. top layer and bottom layer. It is extremely useful in many electronic applications because circuits on one side of the board can be connected on the other side of the board with the help of holes drilled on the board.

Product Details

Double Sided Pcb manufacturing

Product file information:

Circuit board use: communication module

Manufacturing Process: Lead-Free Process

Order Type: Return Order

Pcb information: double sided FR4, plate thickness 2.0MM, copper thickness 2OZ, lead-free spray tin, red oil white

Project requirements: pcba processing one-stop

Order Quantity: 500pcs

Board delivery time: 6 days


Order information management:

Process flow: SMT + packaging + outer box molding

SMT points: 18

Dip points: 128

Steel mesh: laser steel mesh

Material name used for the board: PCB, plug-in inductor, plug-in female, plug-in male, plug-in VGA, plug-in IC, plug-in LED, plug-in aluminum electrolytic capacitor



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